EMC at a Glance

The EMC Brand

Our brand story

When you’re designing your IT future, partner with the people who are leading it. EMC enables the software-defined enterprise so you can stay ahead in mobile, cloud, Big Data, and social media.

Our brand character

At EMC, we’re innovative, relevant, trusted, engaged, approachable, and fun.

Video: How do you see EMC?

In this brief video we asked employees from across the company how EMC reflects these characteristics. View video >>

EMC voice, vision, and vibe

  • The EMC voice is clear and concise. It conveys confidence, sparks interest, and promotes leadership.
  • Our visual brand is clean, consistent, and uncluttered. See our Brand & Design guidelines >>
  • The EMC brand personifies a global community of passionate innovators and inspired problem-solvers.